This April's CLIL Teacher magazine is packed with news, views and reviews from the IATEFL conference in Cardiff. Keith Kelly guides you through what's on offer this month.

Our theme this month is networking and partnerships as onestopclil has come together with the CLIL Cascade Network (or CCN) to bring you even more CLIL news and information. If you're not in the network, join now! There is also news of courses available through the CCN.

The Department of Education of Catalonia is a CCN partner; we have a very informative article on CLIL in Catalonia from Francesca Vidal Santallusia. To bring this into the classroom context, it is accompanied by an interview with Lourdes Font Pont, a CLIL teacher and trainer from Catalonia. Lourdes says some very insightful things about her work with children and teachers. It's great to have perspectives straight from the chalk face.

As you may know, an illustrious panel of CLIL experts were discussing the theme ‘CLIL: Complementing or Compromising English Language Teaching?’ at the IATEFL debate in Cardiff. You will soon be able to view video clips of the debate and read a transcript.

Not only that, but we’ve been carrying out a parallel discussion in Café CLIL with CLIL experts, CLIL content teachers and CLIL trainers. You can read a summary of the discussion or listen to the recording.

But if you weren’t at the conference, don’t despair! The IATEFL debate will still go on here at onestopclil. Keep on sending us your opinions: the onestopclil discussion forum is the place to do it!

We have a book review for you this month on Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners which is also a good read for teachers of other subjects beside Maths, and Tip number 2 on using video in your teaching which this month looks at transcripts and embedding subtitles into film

But that's not all! Macmillan has just launched the fantastic FREE Macmillan Dictionary Online. There is a dictionary search bar on every page of onestopclil so that all onestopclil users can easily search for words. Our dictionary team have also been busy blogging away at Another set of blogs to look out for are the onestopblogs. This is a new service from which brings together blogs from throughout the English language teaching community. Keep your eyes on this, there will be CLIL blogs there in the near future.

It's a real privilege to be part of the network of teachers in onestopclil, it really is a platform for all the up-to-the-minute news and events, high quality resources, and bringing colleagues together to share good practice, concerns, challenges and success stories.

Keep sending us your stories and particularly your lessons so that we can share them with others. There is still a great prize to be had in the lesson share competition! Deadline is April 15th!

Best wishes,