Beyond: Knowledge


Beyond on onestopenglish: Knowledge

Karen Kovacs introduces this collection of topical lessons for teenagers related to art, television, literature, theatre, advertising, and the press. Students practise speaking and further subskills while being creative.

Beyond: Knowledge: Classrooms

In this lesson, students practise describing and comparing classrooms, design their dream classroom, evaluate and discuss school subjects and revise useful classroom language.

Beyond: Knowledge: Computers

In this lesson, students read about PC keyboards and play a typing game.

Beyond: Knowledge: Dictionaries

In this lesson, students complete an information-gap activity about Samuel Johnson’s famous dictionary, learn how to be better dictionary users, identify parts of speech and compete in a dictionary quiz.

Beyond: Knowledge: Discoveries and inventions

In this four-part lesson, students will test their memories / knowledge, read about scientific discoveries and inventions, invent something new, and complete a patent form for a new invention.

Beyond: Knowledge: Geography

In this lesson, students identify flags, create a world flag, play a team board game and complete a geography quiz.

Beyond: Knowledge: History

In this two-part lesson, students read about how Hollywood changes history, discuss historical quotes, do a historical fact quiz and write a fact sheet.

Beyond: Knowledge: History: The 20th century

In this lesson students do a quiz about the 20th century.

Beyond: Knowledge: Languages

In this two-part lesson, students will learn about the influence of English on global languages.

Beyond: Knowledge: Learning

In this lesson, students complete a questionnaire to find out about their learning style, work in groups to write suggestions on how to improve their learning and discover the history of encyclopaedias.

Beyond: Knowledge: Living in the past

In this two-part lesson, students will read about life in the year 1900.

Beyond: Knowledge: Maths and money

In this lesson, students learn about maths and pocket money.

Beyond: Knowledge: Numbers

In this two-part lesson, students match numbers with pictures, find numbers in the classroom, play a numbers game and complete a ’fill a head with numbers’ fact sheet.

Beyond: Knowledge: Phones

In this lesson, students talk about mobile phones and technology.

Beyond: Knowledge: The brain

In this three-part lesson, students do a quiz about the human brain and test their memories, discover which side of their brain is dominant and find out about Albert Einstein.

Beyond: Knowledge: The Planets

In this lesson, students learn about the planets, the space race and the Mars Mission.