Grammar games

Photo of a poster, or classroom board, with WH- questions written on it.

Question time: wh- questions

A card game at elementary level to practise wh- questions and answers.

Team competition: Will

A team competition to practise will for promises and predictions.

Photo of a boardgame.

Boardgame: Comparatives

A small-group board game to practise comparatives.

Card game: Present simple

Students take part in a small-group card game to practise the present simple.

Photo of people playing a  guessing game.

Guessing and memory game: Personal pronouns

An activity where students complete sentence stems to practise personal pronouns, play a guessing game in pairs and share information in groups.

Board game: Frequency adverbs

A board game at elementary level to practise the present simple with frequency adverbs and time expressions for groups of three to four students.