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Interactive Flashcards: Exciting Jobs

Increase your students’ vocabulary about jobs with these Interactive Flashcards.


Interactive Flashcards: Jobs

Help your students learn vocabulary for jobs with these Interactive Flashcards.

Interactive Flashcards: Extreme Fun

Interactive Flashcards: Extreme Fun!

Help your students learn extreme sports vocabulary with these Interactive Flashcards.

Photo of a poster or drawing  of parts of the body. Can be  cartoon like.

Young learner topics: The body song

A song to practise vocabulary for parts of the body, available at two difficulty levels with an accompanying audio file.

Photo of a rainbow or anything else to show different colours.

Speaking and listening: Sing the colours

This illuminating lesson plan by Lisa Dold helps young learners to understand and produce the colours, to learn the structure I can..., to sing the nursery song I Can Sing a Rainbow and to complete a listening activity based on the vocabulary.

Photo of children sinnging,   ideally in a classroom.

Children's songs: Heads, shoulders knees and toes

This is a lesson plan based on the popular children's song Heads, shoulders, knees and toes which is aimed at pre-readers under six years' old.

Photo of children playing a   card game.

Young learner topics: Can you touch?

A card game to use language for parts of the body.

Photo of a family sitting   together in a living room  or any other room of a house.

Young learner topics: Family card game

A card game to practise using and saying names for members of the family, available at three difficulty levels.

Photo of different animals.

Young learner topics: Animal game

A board game to practise animal vocabulary and numbers, available at three difficulty levels.


Fun Fillers: 9…10… Count and Colour!

Help your students practise numbers 9 & 10 with this relaxing colouring activity.

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Playtime!: Guessing Game

Have your students practice Yes / No questions with this fun guessing game.


Fun Fillers: Tracing Shapes

Get your students to relax while practicing shapes and tracing with these cute drawings.

Photo of a school bus with children.  Caption

Selections level 1: Monday

A poem by Eileen Bourke about daily routines, with a complete lesson plan and worksheets by Adrian Tennant.

Box of Heart Shaped Chocolates. Valentines Candy

Selections level 2: I want chocolate

A story by Lisse Honeyman about a girl who only wants to eat chocolate, with a complete lesson plan and worksheets by Adrian Tennant.

Photo of a fish, ideally not in an aquarium.

Selections level 5: The life of a fish

A poem by Paula Aitcheson about the life of a fish, with a complete lesson plan and worksheets by Adrian Tennant.