Macmillan Dictionary Blog

While the Macmillan Dictionary blog is no longer available, we have compiled a collection of dictionary-related resources from onestopenglish that you can use with your students.


Macmillan Dictionary Quizzes: Blends

In this onestopenglish quiz, you can test your knowledge and practise guessing some of the most popular portmanteau words.


Macmillan Dictionary Quizzes: British or American Engish?

In these onestopenglish quizzes, you can test your speaking skills and practise distinguishing between British and American English words.


Macmillan Dictionary Quizzes: Commonly Confused Words

In this Macmillan Dictionary quiz, you can check your understanding of some commonly confused words in the English language.


Macmillan Dictionary Quizzes: Emoji

In this Macmillan Dictionary quiz, you can test your emoji reading skills and try to guess the titles of well-known books.


Macmillan Dictionary Blog: Metaphor

This article, by Dr Rosamund Moon, takes you through the fascinating world of metaphor and discovers how everyday words and phrases can have deeper, metaphorical meanings.


Macmillan Dictionary Red Words & Stars Pack

Learn about Red Words and how they can be utilized with the Macmillan Dictionary Red Words and Stars pack.