Impressions (A1): Dress David

Do you know the Statue of David? In this lesson, students read about it and identify and describe the clothes to dress this famous figure.


Impressions (B1): Blind date

Have you ever gone on a blind date? In this lesson, students talk about dating experiences and complete a questionnaire.


Impressions (B1): Clothes & Accessories

What are you wearing? In this lesson, students will expand their vocabulary related to clothing and physical appearance.


Impressions (B1): First impressions

Help your students describe their first impressions of people and what they notice about their appearance and personality.


Impressions (B1): In the past, we used to …

Are the “good old days” better than current times? In this lesson, students look at old photos and use used to to compare the past and the present.


Impressions (B1): Lucky in love

Get your students to learn typical expressions related to relationships, role-play a romantic situation, and much more with this engaging lesson.


Impressions (B1): The future in your hand

Do you believe in fortune tellers? In this lesson, students will read a partner’s palm and predict their future.


Impressions (B1): True identities

What are some personal objects you can leave without? In this lesson, students will identify and use to talk about themselves.


Impressions (B2): Famous UK fashions

Are you following the latest fashions and trends? In this lesson, students will identify fashions from the past and write about a recent fashion.


Impressions: Colours

What is your favourite colour? In this lesson, students practise different colours and learn about colour association.


Impressions: Double identity

If you were a superhero, would you have a secret identity? In this lesson, students use the 2nd conditional to talk about double identities.

Three old friends having coffee

Impressions: Friends

Students discuss what qualities are important in a friend and do a questionnaire about friendship.

Photo to illustrate the  5 senses. If all in one photo is too hard, a couple will be enough, e.g.: someone listening to something or smelling a flower or eating something.

Impressions: Have you ever …?

In this lesson, students make questions about the five senses.

Impressions: How far would you go for fashion?

In this lesson, students design a tattoo and create a fashion.

Impressions: How honest are you?

In this lesson, students discuss honesty and do a questionnaire.

Impressions: How to analyse your handwriting

In this lesson, students write a message and analyse handwriting.

Impressions: How well do you know each other?

In this lesson, students answer questions from a partner’s perspective, find out how well they know their classmates and create questions.

Impressions: It's in the stars

In this lesson, students learn all about horoscopes.

Impressions: It's none of your business

In this lesson, students take part in a question and answer card game.

Impressions: Making a questionnaire

In this lesson, students create a questionnaire and interview a classmate.

Impressions: Notice board

In this lesson, students create their personal notice board and interview another student about theirs.

Impressions: Personal preferences

In this lesson, students will talk about preferences and write sentences about themselves.

Impressions: You choose!

In this lesson students will discuss their preferences using both, either/or and neither/nor and give a short presentation.