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Photo of people working in a laboratory.

Biology: An introduction

A short history of biology tracks the study of life through the ages, showing our fascination with the living world around us, from the ancient Egyptians to Charles Darwin’s theories and the study of DNA. The second reading text is a letter from a professor of biology, spelling out the ...


British English vocabulary lessons: A sign of the times

A lesson to encourage students to discuss the language used in signs.

Photo of people listenint to music or someone speaking.

British English vocabulary lessons: listen to / hear

Students are often unsure when to use look at, see or watch, and when to use listen to or hear. This lesson plan by Karen Richardson aims to practice this vocabulary in context.

British English vocabulary lessons: the letter C

C is for cinema, climate, clothes and colour.

Photo of people shopping or photo of a shopping store

American English vocabulary lessons: the letter S

S is for shopping. A comprehensive lesson by Lindsay Clandfield in which students learn 15 new items of vocabulary related to shopping and review phrasal verbs in a shopping role-play.


Language for… air travel (how to avoid delays at the airport)

In this lesson, students will learn the necessary vocabulary for checking in for a flight and navigating airport security.


Language for… clothes shopping

In this lesson, students will learn essential expressions and vocabulary for common conversations in a clothing store.


Language for… dating and friendship

Give your students the language they need to discuss dating and friendship with this lesson.


Language for… helping others to understand you

In this lesson, students will learn essential phrases and strategies to effectively communicate their ideas.


Macmillan Dictionary Quizzes: British or American Engish?

In these onestopenglish quizzes, you can test your speaking skills and practise distinguishing between British and American English words.


Macmillan Dictionary BuzzWord: bitcoin

This lesson plan by Kerry Maxwell gives tips and suggestions for using the BuzzWord article on Bitcoin in class.


Macmillan Dictionary Blog: Metaphor

This article, by Dr Rosamund Moon, takes you through the fascinating world of metaphor and discovers how everyday words and phrases can have deeper, metaphorical meanings.


Macmillan Dictionary Red Words & Stars Pack

Learn about Red Words and how they can be utilized with the Macmillan Dictionary Red Words and Stars pack.