May is a full and varied issue with contributions from all over the world, demonstrating the true international and varied appeal of CLIL!

Dear Reader,

This is a bumper month on onestopclil!

Our network is expanding and you will see this in the wide range of articles, information and contributions from many different contexts in this issue. It is particularly fulfilling to see this happening as one of the main objectives of the site is specifically to bring together colleagues around the world working in the area of content and language integration; to provide opportunities for colleagues to share their experiences, their work and their resources.

To start with, the feature article this month is a comparison between bilingual education in Argentina and CLIL. Argentina is a country with a long history of teaching the content curriculum through English and Laura Renart gives us some insights how it works and draws similarities and differences with the CLIL approach.

We have two perspectives from Czech and Finnish teachers this month. Zdenek Vasicek tells us about his work teaching music and piano through the medium of English in the Czech Republic. His enthusiasm for his work is infectious and comes through in the interview. Another CLIL success story comes from Hanna Laakio and Eija Inberg, two primary teachers from Turku, Finland where CLIL began in 1990!

The methodology section this month has a piece on another CLIL context. We're very pleased to have a practical example of CLIL and Competence-based learning focusing on the INEBI and BHINEBI programmes from the Basque Country, Spain. Lui García Gurrutxaga is a teacher trainer and curriculum designer and she gives a clear case study of the origins, philosophy and implementation of the programme. Also in the methodology section you'll find an article on using video in the classroom which is the culmination of our tips on this theme over the last two months.

Additionally, we have news of more CLIL events to expect in the future and a brief report about the Milan conference with a strong CLIL theme: 'Innovations in Teaching Children and Teenagers'.

The CLIL panel discussion at IATEFL Cardiff produced a lot of debate and opinion from a wide audience. This month you can see footage of the debate with video clips from the debate itself including the entire transcript of the debate plus short pieces from the panellists. We also have vox pops comments from people who were at the debate.

You can also listen to a personal report back on the IATEFL debate in Cafe CLIL 05 as well as views on other recent events and also discussion on the role of questions in the CLIL classroom and its place in teacher training.

There is also an enormous amount of new contenton the site this month. There are integrated skills lessons including listening on Art and Drawing, Computers, Nutrition, Environment, Business. On top of this, there are topic modules on Ancient Greece and the Solar System as well as lessons with accompanying listening on Introductions to Physics, Biology, Chemistry. Why not try out for free one of the new Question loop activities for Young Learners and Secondary science students - a great way to get students thinking, listening and speaking.

Keep joining us and keep sending us your ideas and materials! That's what we're here for!

Best wishes