Fun Fillers for Young Learners


Fun Fillers: 1, 2, 3…Count & Colour!

One, two, three… colour! Review  and practise numbers 1-3 and with these relaxing activities.

Fun Fillers: 4, 5, 6... Go!

Fun Fillers: 4, 5, 6… Go!

Review and practise numbers 4-6 with these relaxing activities.

Illustration of seven turtles next to number 7

Fun Fillers: 7… 8… Counting Turtles!

Get students to practise numbers 7 & 8 while counting and colouring turtles.


Fun Fillers: 9…10… Count and Colour!

Help your students practise numbers 9 & 10 with this relaxing colouring activity.

Fun Fillers: A, B, C... Domino!

Fun Fillers: A, B, C… Dominoes!

Have your students practise their ABCs with this dominoes game!

Fun Fillers: Car Puzzle

Fun Fillers: C… C… Car Puzzle!

Use this worksheet to practise letter C with your young learners.

Colour-in grapes in colourful background

Fun Fillers: Colour and Find

Help your students wind down by coluoring and finding what is hidden in this relaxing activity.

Coloured-in hospital

Fun Fillers: Colour Code

Add variety to your class with these colourful and relaxing activities. Help your students create their own colour code!

Colourful spring

Fun Fillers: Colourful spring

How many bees can your students find? Have fun practising vocabulary with this spring scene.

Colouring activity with a teddy bear, dinosaur and train

Fun Fillers: Colours

Spark your students’ creativity with these colourful and relaxing activities.

Illustration of man selling cotton candy in stand

Fun Fillers: Connect the Fun

Get your students to connect the dots to discover the images while reviewing the numbers in English.

Drawing of doll with connect-dots activity

Fun Fillers: Connecting Dots

Get your students to practise basic numbers with this relaxing activity.


Fun Fillers: Cute Traces!

Get your students to relax while practicing tracing with these cute drawings.

Fun Fillers: Flying Kite

Fun Fillers: Flying Kite

Have your students practise traces and triangles with these drawings.

Fun Fillers: Groups & Series

Fun Fillers: Groups & Series

Have your students solve and colour these activities to develop their vocabulary and cognitive skills.

Fun Fillers J vs. L Letter Practice

Fun Fillers: J & L Letter Practice

Have your students practise, trace, and differentiate letters J & L.

Fun Fillers: Letter Practice

Fun Fillers: Letter Practice

Have your students practise letters and words with these colourful activities.

Fun Fillers: Matching Numbers

Fun Fillers: Matching Numbers

Review numbers and vocabulary with your students using this match-and-colour activity.

Colour-in number 2 with a couple of illustrations of cakes

Fun Fillers: Numbers 1–10—Trace, Count, & Colour

Help your students practise numbers 1–10 with this colourful activity.

Fun Fillers: Playful Lines

Fun Fillers: Playful Lines

Boost your students’ tracing skills with these engaging activities.

Fun Fillers: Toys & Shapes

Fun Fillers: Toys & Shapes

Boost your students’ visual and motor skills with these relaxing tracing activities.

Fun Fillers: Trace & Count

Fun Fillers: Trace & Count

Help your students develop their cognitive and motor skills with these tracing & counting worksheets.

Fun Fillers: Traces & Colour Groups

Fun Fillers: Traces & Colour Groups

Boost your students’ skills with these tracing and colouring activities.


Fun Fillers: Tracing Shapes

Get your students to relax while practicing shapes and tracing with these cute drawings.