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  • Grammarman characters


    Never fear, Brian Boyd’s Grammarman is here to address all your students’ punctuation problems and provide syntax solutions in the form of a comic-strip worksheet.

  • Photo of the Grammarman (from the website), if not photo of a birthday party.

    Grammarman: Episode 2: Happy birthday, Syntax

    In this episode, Syntax’s birthday is almost ruined by boisterous party guest The Interrupter. Use context to predict what Syntax is trying to say before he is rudely interrupted. The answers can be found in the downloadable worksheet.

  • Grammarman characters

    Meet the Grammarman team

    Our very own dynamic duo, author Brian Boyd and story contributor Thom Kiddle, join forces to unveil (but not unmask!) the characters featured in the Grammarman comic strip.

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