Our resident CLIL expert Keith Kelly gives us an overview of the latest CLIL news.

Photo of Keith Kelly, CLIL teacher and education consultant

It's been a busy summer for CLIL, hasn't it?  Well, there was the Lend Conference in Portonovo, Italy at the end of August, which had a CLIL presence once again. Then there was the NILE CLIL conference in Norwich the following week. We also have the CLIL Fusion Conference in Tallinn at the end of October to look forward to. It's a great time for sharing news and ideas and for networking. This is an important point on which to write the editorial for this second issue. Onestopclil offers a tremendous opportunity for teachers to share not only ideas and issues, but also information on events and also to share their lessons

I spend a lot of time in teacher training sessions encouraging colleagues to share their resources, to join networks and to discuss issues they feel important with their peers. Onestopclil offers just such a networking space and a way of not reinventing the wheel to boot! On top of that, the Lesson Share section of the site offers great prizes for the best lessons sent in each month. 

Images are a great teaching resource. Colleagues who'd like ideas on how to use the images in their lessons can take a look at our Tips for this month, which are all about what you can do with the images. The Image Gallery is another great resource on the site and is such a long-awaited tool which I know teachers will love and exploit to the full. Why not download the selection of free images form the gallery to try out some of the teaching ideas?

The events section has more CLIL news this month of meetings, conferences and seminars around the world. Don't forget, we rely on you to keep us informed about what is going on in your area in CLIL. Send us your events!

Phil Ball takes us further on our journey of discovery defining CLIL in our leading article. This month, Phil outlines for us a number of examples of CLIL practice, what they are called and what you can expect to find. Are you into 'hard' or 'soft CLIL'? Take a look and find out.

We also have reports from colleagues around the globe about CLIL projects in their regions. You can read about the Madares Al Ghad programme of integrated English, Maths and Science, for example, in the Emirates.

Let's get back to sharing. Don't forget that you can share your opinions with the world in the discussion forum. In fact why not take charge and create your own threads on issues you think are important. 

Use this space! It's yours!

Best wishes,