Playtime! — Board Race

Playtime!: Board Race

Help your students build and review their vocabulary with this fun game. 

Playtime! — Charades

Playtime!: Charades

Improve your students’ speaking skills while practising vocabulary with this fun game. 

Playtime! — Find Me!

Playtime!: Find Me!

Find your perfect match! Encourage students’ speaking skills with this fun vocabulary game. 

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Playtime!: Guessing Game

Have your students practice Yes / No questions with this fun guessing game.

Board game

Playtime!: Hot Seat

Encourage students’ language awareness with this colourful board game!

Playtime!: Jim's Game—Index

Playtime!: Jim’s Game

Boost your students’ memory and vocabulary with Jim’s Game!

Playtime!: Kim's Game

Playtime!: Kim’s Game

Challenge your students’ memory and boost their vocabulary with Kim’s Game.

Playtime!: Memory Card Game

Playtime!: Memory Card Game

Start this new school year with a memory challenge while reviewing previously learned vocabulary.

Playtime!: Pictionary

Playtime!: Spooky Pictionary

Ready for candy and costumes? Introduce spooky vocabulary with this fun Pictionary!

Playtime!: Tic-Tac-Toe

Playtime!: Tic-Tac-Toe

Help your students review previously learned vocabulary with this lovely Tic-Tac-Toe board.

Playtime!: Who Am I?

Playtime!: Who Am I?

Boost your students’ vocabulary and speaking skills with this fun guessing game.

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Have students review vocabulary with this fun Bingo chart!