In the first editorial of 2009, Keith Kelly encourages you to take part, and why not, you could win a terrific prize in the Lesson Share Competition!

Sometimes I'm accused of being a bit too driven, of getting just a little too excited about projects I am involved in, well I have to admit that when I see opportunities for teacher colleagues and students, I try my best to make sure all the information is in their hands, that they have all they need to make choices and decisions which can help with their work and study.  Here is one of them.

Brace yourselves for this prize! 

We have a terrific prize for a winner in the lesson share competition this month, NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) have very kindly donated one of their CLIL training courses as a prize!  As a contributor to these courses at NILE myself, I can say that this is quite an opportunity, plus Norwich is a pearl of a city to visit.  The competition will run through until Mid-April and the winner will be announced in the May update.  It's up to you all of course, these lesson plans won't write themselves.  Why not jot down that lesson you just know is a good one and send it in, you never know your luck! 

The CLIL Debate goes on

In the conclusion to his paper this month on the essentials of setting up a CLIL programme Peeter Mehisto stresses that 'CLIL is everyone's business' and I have to agree with this sentiment.  It never ceases to amaze me how few voices there are out there at the chalk face shouting about what is needed, what is missing, and what governments should be doing to make the implementation as smooth as possible.  If you subscribe you can read the rest of Peeter's article and now is your chance to have your say. 

There will be a CLIL debate at IATEFL in Cardiff this year with the focus on CLIL: Complementing or Compromising English Language Teaching?  There are plenty of opportunities to let your voice be heard and tell us what you think here on the onestopclil website.  Keep an eye open in Teacher Magazine as there will be a questionnaire for you to complete and your chance to pose questions to the panel members at the conference itself.  In the discussion forum you can also post your thoughts before the debate so that your opinions can be picked up and shared at the event itself.  What are you waiting for!?

We also have a leading article which actually places all this debate well and truly in the real world.  Alan Mackenzie of the British Council has written a review of a CLIL project in Thailand entitled CLILing Me Softly in Thailand:  Collaboration, Creativity, & Conflict. Alan offers some wise words for those considering setting up a CLIL project based on his personal experience.

Don't forget also to check out the new resources on onestopclil this month.  We will be offering a free taster of the new topic-based listening lessons which come with listening practice including Problem Solving, Natural Disasters and Travel & Tourism and new resources on The Roman Empire and Sight and Light.  Also brand new are Geography images and the Economics section and there are more great Animations from the Science Museum.

It really is a time and a chance to take part in any or all of the ways above.

Look forward to seeing you on onestopclil!

Best wishes,