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New this month


Advancing Teaching: Critical Thinking Skills

By Steve Taylore-Knowles

Learn about the best ways to develop your students’ critical thinking in this Advancing Teaching article and video.


Lesson Share: Discourse Markers

By Stephanie Valerio

Stephanie Valerio wins this month’s Lesson Share with a lesson introducing adult learners to the use of discourse markers.

Phrasal verbs on heart paper

Vocabulary Builders: Getting into a love of phrasal verbs

Get your students into a love of phrasal verbs and teach them about the three most common verbs used with phrasal verbs.

Well-dressed man

Live from London: Business — Dress codes

By Pete Clements

Watch authentic London office workers giving advice on the best ways to dress to impress.

Introducing our latest series


Digital Skills for Teens: Intermediate—Presentations

Students read about online presentations and then create their own to share with the class.


Career Readiness: A2 Science

Read about Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space and what made her famous.

Spotlight on...World Bee Day


Your English: Idioms—animals

Tim Bowen is a busy bee as he takes the bull by the horns and explores the widespread use of animal idioms.


Young learner topics: Animal guessing game

A game to help your students know the abc’s (ant, bee, chicken) of animal vocabulary by asking questions.