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New this month

Advanced Teaching

Advancing Teaching: Visible Thinking Routines

By Judson Wright

Learn about the best ways to create routines that make the thinking process intentional.


Business News Lessons: Workplace surveillance

By Emma Zielinski

We all want to be safe at work, but are we willing to be constantly monitored for the sake of safety?

Girl reading a book

Vocabulary Builders: Truly loving collocations

Get your students to truly love collocations and teach them words that are most commonly used together. 


Lesson Share: Political Hot Potatoes

By Alice Rodgers

Alice Rodgers wins this month’s Lesson Share with a lesson introducing adult learners to the use of political idioms.

Introducing our latest series


Digital Skills for Teens: Elementary—Online polls

Students read about different types of polls and what they are used for.


Career Readiness: B1 Science

Read about mind reading and whether it is possible to control machines with our minds.

Spotlight on...World Environment Day


People and their environment: Mountains

In this lesson plan, pupils learn the main features of mountains and key vocabulary words such as ‘climate’ and ‘vegetation’.

Photo of a river.

People and their environment: Rivers

A lesson plan with matching and true/false exercises to teach about the course of a river and review the present simple tense.