Go Beyond: Knowledge


Go Beyond: Knowledge

Karen Kovacs introduces a series of American English lessons for teenagers at levels A1 to B2 related to school subjects such as geography, history, science, math, and technology.

Go Beyond: Knowledge: Classrooms

In this lesson, students practice describing and comparing classrooms, design their dream classroom, evaluate and discuss school subjects, and review useful classroom language.

Go Beyond: Knowledge: Dictionaries

In this lesson, students do an activity about Samuel Johnson’s famous dictionary, learn to be better dictionary users and write their own dictionary quiz.

Go Beyond: Knowledge: Discoveries and inventions

In this lesson, students read about inventions and invent something new.

Go Beyond: Knowledge: Geography

In this lesson, students learn about flags and countries.

Go Beyond: Knowledge: History

In this lesson, students discuss history in movies and write a fact sheet.

Go Beyond: Knowledge: Languages

In this lesson, students take a quiz and read about languages.

Go Beyond: Knowledge: Learning

In this lesson, students discover their own learning styles.

Go Beyond: Knowledge: Living in the past

In this lesson, students compare the past, present, and future.

Go Beyond: Knowledge: Numbers

In this lesson, students match numbers and play a numbers game.

Go Beyond: Knowledge: The brain

In this lesson, students can take a quiz about the human brain and find out about Albert Einstein.

Go Beyond: Knowledge: The planets

In this lesson, students identify the planets and prepare for a mission to Mars.