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Our news lessons, at three levels, are sourced from articles published by The Guardian. They include downloadable worksheets and teacher's notes for you to use in class.


$2bn woman: how Sheryl Sandberg became one of tech’s most successful bosses

2024-02-22T00:37:00+00:00By Jennifer Cantave

Meet Sheryl Sandberg and learn about her legacy in one of the largest companies in the world.


Why I quit complaining about cyclists, scrapped my car and chose public transport

2024-02-15T00:41:00+00:00By Karen Capel

Should cities invest in better infrastructure to promote alternative transportation options?


I’m only seeing bands I loved when I was 14. Am I in a musical rut – or is this growing up?

2024-02-08T00:01:00+00:00By Tim Bowen

Does the music we listen to in our teenage years become our favourite for the rest of our lives?


Does an unhappy partner make you less happy?

2024-01-25T00:01:00+00:00By Jennifer Cantave

Discuss with your students how our good or bad mood may affect our significant other.


French miss: is the future of movie kissing in jeopardy?

2024-01-18T00:01:00+00:00By Kieran Baker

Have you ever wondered if two actors kissing in a movie are actually kissing?


A moment that changed me: I had a heart attack at 37 – so I went to live in a cave

2024-01-11T00:03:00+00:00By Engeli Haupt

How can a near-death experience alter drastically the way we live?


Schools in England using Airbnb-style strategy to raise funds

2023-12-21T00:01:00+00:00By Jennifer Cantave

Read about the innovative approach being taken by schools in England to address the issue of underfunding.


The best apps for nature lovers – from identifying birdsong to tracking lions

2023-12-14T00:03:00+00:00By Engeli Haupt

Can our mobile phones enhance the experience of being outdoors?


Shouting at children can be as damaging as physical abuse, study says

2023-11-30T00:02:00+00:00By Jennifer Cantave

Discuss with your students the adverse effects of verbal abuse on children’s well-being and development.


‘Could be the next big thing’: how pickleball is courting a new generation of players

2023-11-23T00:01:00+00:00By Engeli Haupt

Pickleball is a popular new sport, but what challenges does it face for continued growth?


The male menopause: genuine condition or moneymaking myth?

2023-11-16T00:01:00+00:00By Jennifer Cantave

Should male menopause be considered an actual medical condition?


‘Whatever it takes’: students at 50 US high schools launch climate initiative

2023-11-09T00:00:00+00:00By Engeli Haupt

Read about a youth-led initiative to provide students with better climate education and sustainable campuses.


‘A lifeline for dirty cars’: EU backs new air pollution limits, but not until 2035

2023-10-26T00:02:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

What is the European Union doing to fight air pollution?


The microwave lemon trick – and other household hacks that actually work

2023-10-19T00:02:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

Influencers have become famous for sharing housecleaning hacks on social media, but do they actually work?


‘A big responsibility’: astronaut from UAE on longest ever Arab space mission

2023-10-12T00:52:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

What has Sultan al-Neyadi done while completing this record-breaking mission?


From Titanic to American Sniper: the biggest lies in fact-based movies

2023-09-28T00:01:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

When movies claim to be “based on true events,” how closely should they stick to real-life stories?


I was a champion of fake meat: but I’m not surprised people are losing their taste for it

2023-09-21T00:01:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

Why do meat alternatives lose popularity over time? A former advocate talks about plant-based and lab-grown meats.


Everything I hate is on Twitter – how can the alternatives compete?

2023-09-14T00:01:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

Are the changes made to X (formerly Twitter) pushing users to other platforms?


Will AI free us from drudgery – or leave us jobless and hungry?

2023-08-31T00:28:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

Is Artificial Intelligence capable of replacing humans in the workplace?


Elizabeth Gilbert was ridiculed for shelving her Russia-set novel, but I quite admire her

2023-08-24T00:02:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

Should public figures be responsible for protecting their fans’ feelings and beliefs?


US beach town bans balloons to save the ocean

2023-08-17T00:02:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

Is banning balloons near beaches helping marine life? Read and find out.


AI used to create new and final Beatles song, says Paul McCartney

2023-08-10T00:02:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

Is it appropriate to use technology to create music using the voices of deceased artists?


Should I worry about how much sun I get?

2023-07-27T00:01:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

How can we protect ourselves from the harmful effects of UV Rays?


A new start after 60: I was devastated by divorce at 70. But at 102, I know the secrets of a well-lived life

2023-07-20T00:01:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

How was a woman able to restart her life and find her voice at the age of 70? Read and find out.


China’s 11.6m graduates face a jobs market with no jobs

2023-07-13T00:01:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

Discuss with your students the job market challenges in China for recent graduates.


‘Beowulf is lit’ – could ChatGPT really write good book blurbs?

2023-06-29T00:01:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

Is it possible for generative AI to produce social media reviews that appear to be written by humans?


Common disinfectant wipes expose people to dangerous chemicals, research reveals

2023-06-22T00:02:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

Are disinfectant wipes doing more harm than good? Read and find out.


Here’s why we should stop weeding. Learn to love our dandelions and brambles

2023-06-15T00:01:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

Read about why we should learn to embrace weeds and their benefits to nature.


Parisians vote to ban rental e-scooters from French capital by huge margin

2023-06-08T00:02:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

Paris has banned rental e-scooters due to increased accidents. Was it the right move?


Five intimate friendships is the optimal number – I scrape two

2023-05-25T00:02:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

What is the ideal number of ‘close’ friends one should have? 


‘A swipe at fashion capitalism’: Telfar’s experiment lets customers set prices

2023-05-18T00:05:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

Read about the company that lets its customers set the prices of their products.


You could cook while on the toilet: a night in one of Tokyo’s micro-apartments

2023-05-11T00:02:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

Could you live in a 32m² flat if it’s close to work or school?


Meat, dairy and rice production will bust 1.5C climate target, shows study

2023-04-27T00:09:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

Can changes to our daily diet have an impact on climate change?


‘The most important talks no one has heard of’: why the high seas treaty matters

2023-04-20T00:02:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

How are almost 200 countries trying to protect the high seas from overfishing? Read and find out.


‘It’s a bit too castle-y’: plans to turn Cumbrian fortress into eco-attraction

2023-04-13T00:01:00+01:00By Jennifer Cantave

Would you consider a castle in Muncaster as your next ecotourism destination?

News Lesson image of a green quill resting on an ink bottle.

Forensic study finds Chilean poet Pablo Neruda was poisoned

2023-03-30T00:01:00+01:00By Engeli Haupt

Read about the mysterious death of the controversial poet days after a military coup broke out in his home country.

Expressionist artwork

Different strokes: the forgotten women of abstract expressionism

2023-03-23T00:38:00+00:00By Jennifer Cantave

How is an art exhibition in London expanding the body of abstract expressionist artwork? Read and find out.

Asian family smiling at camera

Japan PM’s solution to dire birth rate has already been rejected by young

2023-03-16T00:05:00+00:00By Engeli Haupt

How is the Japanese government trying to motivate younger generations to have more children? Read and find out.

Image on windmills and solar panels

Biden’s clean energy act paves Britain’s way to post-Brexit growth. Should we copy him?

2023-03-09T00:14:00+00:00By Kieran Baker

The US and the EU seem to be on the right track towards green energy production. Should the UK and other nations follow suit?

Lady filming back at camera with her phone

Why it’s time to stop filming strangers in public for social media thrills

2023-02-23T00:24:00+00:00By Kieran Baker

Read about how the use of phones to film others in public has become problematic. Do you agree?