Keith Kelly gives an overview of what's new on the onestopclil site this month.

Photo of Keith Kelly, CLIL teacher and education consultant

Dear colleagues,

The focus in this issue of the CLIL Teacher Magazine has to be variety as there is so much on offer for teachers at onestopclil.

There is literally something for everybody in this issue. A focus on Young Learner material with two new Interactive Worlds  Natural World and Animals and Culture and a Methodology article from Carol Read on including content from other areas of the curriculum in English language programmes. The article comes with five activities  one is available in the teaching tips area of the magazine for free. In addition to this, there are also more cross-curricular worksheets on diverse topics including: The History of Money, The Brain and Great Composers; resources and animations for Science and Geography teachers and much more.

For teacher development, we have an interview with Kay Roberts telling us all about the new TKT CLIL (Teacher Knowledge Test) from Cambridge ESOL.

For information on what's going on in CLIL in other countries, this month we have two more teacher perspectives with an article on CLIL in Portugal and a question and answer session on CLIL teacher training in Switzerland.

Phil Ball's featured article this month, the third in his series of four laying out the foundations of CLIL for us, looks at tasks for CLIL giving some of the key issues in task design: language, procedure and concept. Once again, Phil pulls no punches in setting out key principles of good practice. Phil points out specifically that the one thing which differentiates CLIL from general good teaching practice is the provision of a language focus to tasks. I think he's spot on. What do you think? If you think he misses the mark, why not post a comment about it in the forum section?

And we haven't finished there. Ola Zaparucha has written a very informative and inspiring report on the CLIL Fusion conference last month in Tallinn. Thanks Ola! There are more CLIL events to find out about in the events section, and we have two book reviews for you this month: Citizenship Studies from Lui in the Basque Country and Teaching Other Subjects Through English from Stefka in Bulgaria.

I have to say what a great job Macmillan have got me to do. It's certainly finger on the pulse: YLS, TPD, Conferences, Reviews, country perspectives, tasks, and much more!

Best wishes,