Ready for School!

Ready for School!

Ready for School! — 3D On Top Of

Ready for School!: 3D On Top Of

Use 3D shapes to review vocabulary, follow directions, and… have fun!

Ready for School! — Clapping Syllables

Ready for School!: Clapping Syllables

Have your students clap and play to practise syllables and vocabulary.

Ready for School! — Diversity and Identity

Ready for School!: Diversity and Identity

Encourage students’ self-steem and pride with this speaking practice about diversity and identity.


Ready for School!: Fishing Cards

Develop your students’ Mathematical Readiness with this fun fishing game.


Ready for School!: I Can!

Let’s dance and move! Challenge your students’ skills while playing with English grammar and vocabulary.

Ready for School! — Let's Take a Walk

Ready for School!: Let’s Take a Walk

Take your students for a walk through directions and vocabulary with this dynamic game.

line of illustrated ants on green background

Ready for School!: Line Up!

Play with sounds and letters to boost your students’ literacy readiness.

Ready for School! — One for Each One

Ready for School!: One for Each One

Help your students develop their cognitive skills while practising vocabulary.

Ready for School! — Spinning Emotions

Ready for School!: Spinning Emotions

Develop your students’ social-emotional awareness with this handy tool.

Ready for School! — Swap Places

Ready for School!: Swap Places

Develop your students’ language awareness with this fun card game.


Ready for School!: To Belong or Not to Belong

Develop your students’ cognitive skills through this engaging activity.

traffic light (green/red) with illustration of girl clapping

Ready for School!: Traffic Light

Add some movement to your lesson with these fun activities.