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Photo of an energy animation.

Energy animations

Bring science and geography to life through these animations which teach students aged 7 to 14 about the energy that powers everything from their computer to the bus that transports them to school.

Photo of acid rain or of the water cycle.

Geography animations

These animations and illustrated accompanying worksheets teach secondary students about key CLIL topics in geography: acid rain, the movement of the sea, the water cycle and secondary economic activity.

Image Galleries

Photo of a volcano, ice sheet, or any other natural scenary or phenomenon.

Geography Images

Over 20 clearly-labelled, colour images for CLIL geography lessons. These versatile geography images and diagrams can be used to supplement secondary CLIL geography lessons.

Photo of scientists working in a lab or of instruments used by scientists.

Science images

Over 60 fantastic illustrations bringing science to life. Categorized and clearly labelled, these diagrams can be used to supplement any course book.