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This section contains materials to help your students prepare for the IELTS exams. It includes exam practice exercises and exam technique advice along with some suggestions for preparing your students for this exam with minimal resources.


Photo of students sitting an exam or photo of the exam's name: IELTS.

IELTS: International English Language Test - a brief overview & exam orientation

A simple breakdown of the exam and what it entails for students.

Fun with IELTS

Photo of dice or a board game.

Fun with IELTS

By Elena Filimonova Aislyu Ryukova and Dina Valieva

Get your students ready for their IELTS exam with these fun and engaging activities.


Photo of a person with a headset in front of a computer. If too complicated, photo of a headset or headphones to suggest the idea of listening.


By Richard Gresswell

Activities which focus on developing strategies for the listening tasks.

Minimal resource and practice tests

IELTS: Minimal resources and practice tests

By Richard Gresswell

Activities, advice and reading and writing practice tests.

Practical Tips

Photo to suggest the concept of exam tips. If too abstract, photo of someone studying.

IELTS practical tips

By Iffaf Khan

Practical tips for teachers to help students overcome common problems in the IELTS exam.