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Teenagers: Vocabulary: Activity 5: How many words in?

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This activity is designed to encourage students to pull out words they know from the storage area of the brain.

  • Write up a long word on the board. For example: 

  • Show how using the letters in this word you can make new words:






same etc.
  • Challenge the students to make as many words as they can. Giving a time limit will add to the tension.

You can play this game many times choosing a new starter word each time.

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Readers' comments (5)

  • I would love a list of suggestions for words. Cheers

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  • Hello Lulu,

    For this activity, we would recommend any English word that is eight letters or more long. You might like to try looking in your coursebook, for example, for a word that is related to a recent topic. Alternatively, you could ask a student to suggest a word themselves.

    Best wishes,

    The onestopenglish team

  • Thanks for sharing Bartonim, those are really lovely ideas!

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  • There are many competitive games like this that I play, and I think this extra rule adds a bit of fun and tension: tell the groups/teams that points are awarded for any word, but original words score highest. If teams have the same words, they get points, but if one team has misspelt a word, reward the team that spelled the word correctly (more points, for example). It also encourages a greater amount of vocabulary produced, which is useful for the students to help build vocabulary.

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  • great idea , keep on

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  • good for prefix and suffixes

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