An activity designed to help students recognize language categories.

Photo of a wordlist, with different word categories (countries, months, sports,etc.) or photo of students writing ideally on a sheet of paper.


Many teenagers like to be logical and organize language and notice patterns.

  • Collect a selection of words that students have learnt over the last few months, jumble them up and ask them to put them into groups like the example below:

Put each word into the group. Look at the examples:  

England     book      hamburger     football      bowling

August         dictionary     crisps        June      glue       Argentina     China        

boxing      rubber      March          apples        swimming      cake      pencil

         November     surfing       Tunisia        December      chocolate   Germany  


CountriesMonthsFoodSportsSchool things
e.g. England e.g. August e.g. hamburger e.g. football e.g. book