Try this board game with your students to ensure meaningful practice of previously taught vocabulary.

This can be done at all levels, but try to vary the types of question for higher levels. To encourage learner independence, you can also get students to create board games like this for each other.

A good time for a game like this, is at the end of a unit or semester to go over a lot of vocabulary that has been learnt.

Rules of the game

  • Play in groups of 3-6 students
  • Place your counters on the start square
  • Player one flips a coin. Heads means move one square, tails means move two squares
  • Player 1 moves their counter to the correct square and answers the question. The other students in the group decide if the answer is correct. If it is not, the player must return to the square where they started
  • Player 2 flips the coin and plays and so on
  • Play continues until the first player reaches the finish line

Download this game below:


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