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Weekly news lesson 402: 21st August 2014: Loneliness: a silent plague that is hurting young people most

Thu, 21 Aug 2014

For young Britons, loneliness is an epidemic  – and they are even more likely to fall victim to its insidious dangers than the elderly.

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The emergency activity file is designed to be used in a minor or major emergency!

Survival Guide: Surviving the job interview

In the third instalment of the series, Lindsay Clandfield and Duncan Foord offer support in preparing for a job interview, including practical advice, questions you wished you’d asked and, importantly, what NOT to say!

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Summer school resources

Summer spells sun, surf, sand and, for many teachers, summer schools! So whether you’re teaching a short course or getting ready for a holiday camp, we’ve got a jam-packed resources page to help make sure you’re prepped for the summer ahead!

Teachers' diaries

Take a sneak peek into the daily lives of teachers across the world in the Teachers' diaries section. Our latest diarist is Sue Woodward, who is based in rural France.

Your English: Collocations: grudge

Tim Bowen shows he doesn’t harbour a grudge as he tackles this batch of collocations.

Beyond: Knowledge: Dictionaries

In this lesson, students complete an information-gap activity about Samuel Johnson’s famous dictionary, learn how to be better dictionary users, identify parts of speech and compete in a dictionary quiz.

Fun with grammar: Have we met? Present perfect and past simple

Students take part in a whole-class role-play to practise using the present perfect, then switching to the past simple.


Keith's Corner: Entry 13: Maths and pre-school

In his thirteenth diary entry, Keith’s young learners explore the theme of maths by looking at clocks, nature and apples!

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