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16th January 2020: New emoji set aims to shatter image of Africa as zone of famine and war

O’Plérou Grebet designs images that reflect the culture of his country, Ivory Coast.

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Pick of the week

Teenagers: Warmers 2: Riddles

An activity based on riddles to make learning English fun!

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Resources by category

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Teaching articles, ideas and tips to top up your teaching and support your professional development.

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Over 3,000 resources on listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, speaking and vocabulary.

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Puzzled by the past perfect? Muddled about modals? Look no further than the onestopenglish Grammar section.

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Resources based on a variety of vocabulary areas including dictionary skills, metaphors and our popular series BuzzWords.

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Teaching children

You'll find a selection of fun and stimulating activities for children aged 6-12 in this thriving section.

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Teaching teenagers

Lesson plans and ideas to inspire and engage teenage learners of English and to activate learning across all four skills.

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Business English

Hundreds of specialized resources dedicated to the world of work including Business Spotlight and Business Basics. 

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English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Practical materials dedicated to professions such as banking, nursing, HR, law and more.

Themed resources

Back-to-school index

Back-to-school resources

Lessons for the new school year including plans for icebreakers, business basics, and absolute beginners.

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Summer school resources

Whether you’re teaching a short course or summer school, here’s a bumper resources page to help you get ready for the summer.

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Latest FT business news lesson

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FT business news lessons: Gig economy app seeks to balance workers and employers

January 2020: In this lesson, available at two levels, students read an authentic article from the Financial Times and look at the language necessary to understand and talk about recruitment, technology, law and trade unions.

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New for January

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Celebrations: Groundhog Day

In this lesson, students read a text about the American celebration of Groundhog Day, looking at the language involved.

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Everyday life: Exercise

In this lesson, available at two levels, students review language vocabulary related to exercise and fitness.

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Language for ... the classroom

This lesson provides students with key expressions to use in class and language for talking about classroom objects.

Updated for January

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Webquest: Chinese New Year

This webquest includes activities on food and traditions associated with Chinese New Year, as well as the Chinese calendar and zodiac signs.

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