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Weekly news lesson 418: 11th December 2014: Pacific Islanders sail 11,000km to deliver message of ocean protection

Thu, 11 Dec 2014

A fleet of four Polynesian vaka travels to the World Parks Congress in Sydney carrying a simple message: the ocean may be vast but it is not limitless, and it needs protecting.

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Christmas resources

’Tis the season to be jolly in the classroom! From a lesson plan on the origins of Christmas to our latest webquest and from an audio serialization of a Christmas classic to a special tour with Lord Jeffrey, on onestopenglish you can find all the stocking fillers you need to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with your students.

A ghost's guide to London: Christmas special: Part 1

Lord Jeffrey, the Ghost of London, takes students on a thrilling audio tour of London at Christmas time. In the first part of this two-part special, students will: learn about the Christmas lights of Oxford Street; practise listening for gist and reconstructing audio stories from memory; focus on the meaning, form and use of positive and negative colloquial expressions and practise these expressions in two personalized speaking tasks.

Christmas stocking board game

Lindsay Clandfield’s fun, festive board game places an emphasis on oral fluency.

Live from London: Christmas

This is the first of two 'Christmas special' Live from London podcasts. We went to Covent Garden and asked people the question: "What's a typical Christmas for you?"

Your English: Collocations: hidden

Tim Bowen showcases his hidden talents as he explains the hidden meanings in this batch of collocations.

Beyond: Knowledge: History

In this two-part lesson, students read about how Hollywood changes history, discuss historical quotes, do a historical fact quiz and write a fact sheet.

Fun with grammar: Past simple: last week

Students take part in a small group, information-gap and puzzle-solving activity to practise the past simple.


Keith’s Corner: Entry 17: Christmas

In a festive diary entry, Keith and the children have lots of fun with Christmas-themed activities – not forgetting those all-important Christmas treats!

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