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14th February 2019: Earthrise: how the iconic image changed the world

Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders talks about NASA’s orbit 50 years ago, when he photographed Earth as it had never been seen before.

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Reading: Bar codes

A worksheet by Katherine Stannett with reading and vocabulary activities on the topic of bar codes and how they work.

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Teaching articles, ideas and tips to top up your teaching and support your professional development.

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Over 3,000 resources on listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, speaking and vocabulary.

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Puzzled by the past perfect? Muddled about modals? Look no further than the onestopenglish Grammar section.

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Resources based on a variety of vocabulary areas including dictionary skills, metaphors and our popular series BuzzWords.

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Teaching children

You'll find a selection of fun and stimulating activities for children aged 6-12 in this thriving section.

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Teaching teenagers

Lesson plans and ideas to inspire and engage teenage learners of English and to activate learning across all four skills.

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Business English

Hundreds of specialized resources dedicated to the world of work including Business Spotlight and Business Basics. 

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English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Practical materials dedicated to professions such as banking, nursing, HR, law and more.

New for February

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Film and TV: Science TV series

In this lesson for young learners, students focus on vocabulary and speaking related to science and measurements.

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Fun with IELTS: Blank fillers

A vocabulary game that helps students analyze and utilize the information given in a text.

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Lesson Share: Instant coffee

Pete Clements wins this month’s Lesson Share, which shows students how to continue a story in the style of the original author.

Themed resources

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Love and relationships

Learn the language of love with a Valentine’s Day webquest, our collection of love stories and many other great resources. 

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Countries resources

Learn about different countries with our collection of resources spanning the globe.

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