Students practise new vocabulary by asking each other how much they like these things. There is a lot of repetition, which helps memorisation and the students are asked for their personal opinions, which makes the practice more meaningful.

Photo of students asking each other questions or photo of a survey (can be written or online).

Source: Getty Images/Hero Images

For lower levels

  • Choose concrete nouns the students have recently been introduced to and create a table like the one below.
  • Students must go around the class asking as many of their classmates as possible the question ‘Do you like……..?’ and recording the answers on the sheet.

This example is based on vocabulary for types of book etc that students may read.

Find out what your classmates love, like, don’t like and hate. Go around the class and ask the questions e.g. Do you like comics? and fill in the chart:  

Namecomicsnewspapersscience fictionromanceadventure stories
Juan loves likes doesn't like hates doesn't like