Launching and developing a sustainable CLIL programme need not be a daunting prospect for schools. In this practical and insightful article, leading CLIL author Peeter Mehisto guides us through the planning and the pitfalls that can make or break a CLIL programme.

In this article Mehisto places emphasis on preparing the ground and bringing stakeholders on board: be they sceptical parents, students, politicans or school inspectors. He addresses practical considerations (does your school have enough space, money, qualified teachers?) as well as ethical ones, such as avoiding elitism and/or gender bias when organising student participation. To read the article in full download the attached PDF.

Peeter Mehisto is a winner of several awards in education. Author, trainer, manager and educator, he has extensive experience working with teachers to support the implementation of best practice in CLIL methodology. Peeter is a frequent presenter and facilitator at CLIL conferences, seminars and workshops and is the lead author of Uncovering CLIL, Macmillan, 2008


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