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Teenagers: Speaking

Getting teenagers to speak English in the ELT classroom.

  • Do your teenage students lapse into mother tongue during group or pair activities?
  • Are they reluctant to say things in English in front of their peers?
  • Do they have few or no opportunities to practise spoken English outside the classroom?
  • Do you want them to speak more English in class?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, read on ...

Speaking strategies for teenagers

  • Teenagers: Speaking: Why teenagers avoid using English

    Type: Reference material

    Reasons why teenagers may be reluctant to speak English in class and solutions to help students overcome this problem.

  • Teenagers: Speaking: How to encourage teenagers to use English

    Type: Reference material

    Teenagers often do not feel comfortable using English in the English classroom because they feel self-conscious doing so. Teenagers are very sensitive and a way of helping them deal with this, that I have tried successfully, is to introduce different ‘masks’ for them to hide behind.

  • Teenagers: Speaking: Dream team

    Author: Gabby Hewitt Level: Pre-intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    A lesson plan by Gabby Hewitt that allows students to create their own football team.

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