Get your students talking about British Monarchy and history with this speaking activity.

Communicative Language Activities: Famous British Monarchs

How to use these materials:

  • Divide your class into small groups and give each student a copy of the table.
  • Depending on your students’ knowledge of the British history, you can assign some more famous monarchs from the list below, or let them choose any that they like.
  • Give students time to research and discuss the famous British monarchs of their preference.
  • Ask students to fill the table as a group with their top five choices. Encourage them to look for interesting information, not dry facts like a list of dates.
  • Ask groups to separate and mix with other classmates to make new groups.
  • Students then compare the monarchs they chose. What are their similarities/differences? What was their long-lasting impact on history and the world? Do they admire the chosen monarchs? Why / Why not? 
  • Elicit some answers and encourage them to explain their choices.
  • Follow up with error correction and a whole class discussion about interesting history facts.

 Suggested monarchs:

  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • James IV
  • Henry VIII
  • Queen Victoria
  • King George VI
  • Mary, Queen of Scots
  • Richard the Lionheart
  • William the Conqueror


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