Do this fun set of activities with your students to discover the fascinating truth about art theft.

How to use these workheets


You can use all the worksheets or only the discussion questions one. For all worksheets:

  • Print the worksheet.
  • Divide students into groups of three.
  • Ask students to discuss the intro questions and then read the introduction text and add details. 
  • Then, have students divide the text up, so that each has one famous art theft to read about. Ask them to take notes by answering the questions and then talk about what they read to their partners.
  • Have a whole class feedback and error correction.
  • Assign one heist to each group. Ask students to work together and use their phones to research the theft. 
  • Mix students up and put them in groups of three so that each student in the group has researched a different theft.
  • Have students tell their new group what they learned.
  • Hold a whole class feedback.
  • Follow up with the discussion questions in Worksheet 2.

For lower levels or a quick discussion activity

  • Print the Discussion worksheet and cut up the questions.
  • Distribute the cutup questions face down.
  • Have students discuss the questions in groups.
  • Teach or reinforce your students’ vocabulary with our Crime & Law Inforcement Vocabulary Cards.


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