Get your students talking about fun holiday activities while designing a travel itinerary in teams.

How to use these materials:

  • Print two copies of the table and one copy of the other worksheets. Cut out the images.

  • Divide your class into two groups.

  • Give each group one of the location photos: Mexico or Canada.

  • Ask them to brainstorm ideas for holiday activities for each place.

  • Make sure you elicit all the vocabulary from the activity cards. You can use the activity cards to demonstrate the activities.

  • Shuffle the activity cards and divide them in half randomly.

  • Give each group half of the cards.

  • Tell them they must collect all eight cards with the activities to be done in their vacation spot (Mexico / Canada).

  • Have the team negotiate to exchange the cards.

  • Then, give the teams the table. Explain that they must decide on a 5-day trip itinerary to their holiday destination. They have to discuss which activities they want to include.

  • For higher levels, and if you have safe access to the internet, you can ask students to search the internet for tips and activities. They do not have to use the actions from the cards if they do not want to, but they have to include actual possible activities from these areas. They can also include multiple activities per day if their research shows that this is possible in the time frame. For lower levels, stick to the activities on the cards and one activity per day.

  • Have each group present their ideas to the other one. Encourage them to explain why they decided not to include the discarded activities.

  • Follow up with error correction and a class discussion about students’ favourite holiday activities.