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Teenagers: game 6: circle game

Type: Game

Games to play with teenagers in the English classroom.

This game is great for listening.

Arrange chairs in the classroom so that everyone is sitting in a circle. Give instructions like:  

  • Everyone who has a sister change seats
  • If you live in a flat or house with an even number change seats
  • If you are wearing brown shoes change seats
  • Everyone with blue eyes change seats

Again instructions can be graded so that even students with little English can play – using colours, clothes, family etc.

Those who fit the description must stand and change seats, the others remain seated. After a few turns, remove a chair at each instruction, so that one person does not manage to get a seat and they are out – they could then give the next instruction. The last student remaining is the winner.

Be careful with boisterous classes – there may be some overenthusiastic pushing.

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Readers' comments (1)

  • I play a version of this game with my studnets (ages 11 - 15). To begin with, we make lists of vocab for clothing, places to go, hobbies, and family members. We leave the list of the board and make a circle. One student is in the center and asks 'do you like your neighbor?' to another student. that student has to say 'yes, but only if...' they like pink, they are wearing a t-shirt, etc. everyone that this applies to must change chairs but cannot take the chair that is next to them. students start of being a bit shy but quickly start to laugh. after they get the hang of this, you can add in extra rules... ex. students can say that they dont like their neighbor and then the two students next to them have to change chairs; or any severely mispronounced words result in five push-ups. This activity takes forty five minutes to an hour and is a great way to review vocab and get everyone speaking.

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