Games to play with teenagers in the English classroom.

Ideally, photo of sentences from a newspaper article or a book with missing words. If too hard, then photo of students writing in their notebooks or typing on a computer. (OK if it's just one student)

Source: Sam Bloomberg-Rissman, Getty Images/Blend Images

Find an English magazine or newspaper and cut out about 40 words ensuring you have a balance of parts of speech and stick them onto a sheet of paper in no particular order something like this:

Give out copies of the sheets to students in groups of up to four. Print this set of words. 

They have seven (depending on level and complexity of task) minutes to create: one sentence with three words, one sentence with four words etc depending on level.

Sentences may be like this:

3 words - Radio is free.


4 words - Most parents are happy.


5 words - Cows enjoy politics in April.


This game encourages creative use of language and after the sentences are produced, the students could choose one and write a story or newspaper article that this sentence is a title or headline to.