Games to play with teenagers in the English classroom.

Photo of students divided in teams or of a blackboard with 'team A and team B' written on it.

Source: Alamy Stock Photo, Royalty Free

A great vocabulary revision game:

  1. Divide the class into two teams each standing in line at the board.
  2. Give them a topic like food and drink, sports, countries etc (they must be very large lexical sets).
  3. The student at the front on each line runs to the board and must write a word in this lexical set beginning with A on the board.
  4. She then hands the chalk or pen to the next person in the row (and runs to the back of the line), who adds a word beginning with B until they reach Z.
  5. If they cannot think of a word beginning with a particular letter they can leave a space, but the team with most words at the end is the winner.

Example of a board during a game: