A selection of your favourite onestopclil resources. Why not try out something different this month?

“A shape exhibition for young learners. This activity supported my approach to non-intrusive and interactive teaching of English. The activity led to students taking in the information quickly and to arranging the shapes in a creative way. This activity was a step ahead in learning about students and their secret talents.”
Roxana Mosorocianu, Romania

“The one on the Roman Empire because it's a great resource 'pack' about a time almost every kid would like to travel to...”
Anna Orosz, Hungary

“The arts and crafts section for young learners, because they are extremely creative and fun, my children loved them all!”
Mariana, Italy

Young Learners because the worksheets cover a wide range of topics and the teacher's notes are extremely helpful.”
Gudrun Korn, Germany

“Really difficult to choose. I really like your interactive world, science animations, image library, as well as your lesson plans and webquests including different skills. Great!”
Marian Carballo, Spain

Interactive Whiteboards...they are fun to use and get children more interested in new subjects.”
Beate Noeke, UK

Lesson Share area because it is great to gain the experiences of other teachers via their shared lessons. It is like you are in contact with different students and teachers from the whole world.”
Negar Shahnavaz, Austria

The CLIL Teacher Magazine because it is packed with ideas and news which I always find useful, motivating and interesting.”
Maria Luigia D'Andrea, Italy

“By far the lesson plans and activities for the secondary students, as well as the lesson share, to which I hope to contribute soon, once I have time to get my lessons CLIL-ified and presentable for an audience of colleagues!”
Marjorana Karathanasis, Italy

Vocabulary, although I find all the other resources useful. I have different students, and this site offers resources for all ages and interests.
Lilia Gabriela Barrios Rodríguez, Mexico

All the resources are wonderful and I can use them effectively in my lessons. I like the resources about Methodology. Thank you for this site.
Selfihan Gülesçi, Turkey

Wild animals: parts of their bodies, which the children adore and learn very well by.
Jade Glenn, Turkey

The PowerPoint animations. The information is easy to understand and the animations capture the imagination of the students.
Amanda, Spain

My favourite resources are those related to environmental issues because it is a topic on which students show a great interest. They are well developed and easy to carry on.
Gloria Tosoratti, Argentina

Young Learners and Secondary lessons; anyway every time I discover some new and amazing material to work with. Thanks a lot.
Nora A. Burki, Argentina