"... it is revolutionary and enhances my lessons in a way learners can profit tremendously from content and language learning."

 Congratulations to Yumi Nakaoka from Brazil for her winning quote (above). Her favourite resources are "the topic-based listening because it exposes learners to authentic material." Yumi will receive £500 worth of Macmillan Books.

Congratulations also go to the five runners up who will receive a digital camera:

 Leahn Stanhope, Las Palmas:

"... when I first started teaching in a CLIL project it was the only website I could find that contained everything I needed at that time. It gave me a solid introduction to CLIL methodology and practical ideas to use in class. Now I use it to keep up-to-date with articles and discussions in the world of CLIL and to read about CLIL projects in other countries."

Her favourite resource is "the CLIL teacher magazine which is full of interesting articles and tips."

John Bolt, UK:

"...in a couple of clicks there is the gateway to great ideas for teaching."

His favourite resource is: "Animations because it brings language alive."

Ruth, Altafulla:

"...it's the only website that I found surfing the net which has got well done resources that covers all the curriculum and you can share ideas with other teachers around."

Her favourite resource is the Lesson Share.


"...it's quick, easy, and the activities are well thought out. All I have to do is print and take to class, the kids love them! "

Her favourite resources are: "The power point animations. The information is easy to understand and the animations capture the imagination of the students.

Marcia Torres de Milla, Honduras:

" ...it saves me when I am burned out and just can`t think about something to make my students find interesting to do. Moreover, as a teacher I can see the importance of teaching English through content, what is better to learn a language and, at the same time, acquire insight into different areas of human knowledge."

Her favourite resources are: "I like most: information gaps exercises in Secondary, Vocabulary, Image Gallery"

Here are selection of some of our other favourite quotes:

"Ever felt thirsty? Onestopclil is like a gulp of fresh water!" Danute Jankauskiene, Lithuania

"...there is a great range of materials for me to use which kill two birds with one stone: English learning and subject based learning." Carol Lekkas, UK

"... it contains a lot of useful resources for teaching and learning English and another subject at the same time!! CLIL is the best invention man has ever made and onestopclil is its "fruit"." Cristina Verdenelli, Italy

"...it's like opening a birthday present with lots of exciting smaller packages inside". Susan Baba, UAE

"...I feel more confident about my being a teacher. Last but not least the exercises are interesting for me." Maria Hepel-Frodyma, Poland

And finally a wordle made up of all the entries we had! Thank you to everyone who submitted a quote, look out over the coming months as your quote may well appear on onestopclil!