Further examples of stance markers and adverbials.

so to speak
as it were
if you will
in a manner of speaking
in other words
none the less
come what may
none too soon
as of late
that being said
lo and behold
to boot
to put it bluntly
as a matter of fact
for all I know
I must say
for all I care
it seems
I mean
it would appear

Dear Editor

As of late, I have decided, in a manner of speaking, to quickly mail you again to thank you for gathering the information, as it were. Nonetheless, any feedback, heretofore, will be appreciated, come what may. Your information came, none too soon, and it has been appreciated, if you will. That being said, I am looking forward to communicating whenever you wish, which we have not done, as of late.

Those people who are assisting you, to put it bluntly, are, sort of, 'lazy.' That being said, you can ignore their help. For all I care, I must say, they have not been that much help. In other words, their lack of involvement, as it pertains to this issue have it seems, actually, been a hindrance. You have received feedback from them and lo and behold, they sent a great deal of new information. Some of it, as a matter of fact, is quite interesting, to boot. For all I know, you have probably been a catalyst. I mean, your reputation itself helped to motivate them it would appear. As you may know, many of our colleagues behave as n'er-do-well’s and are not interested, per se.

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