Introduce your students to the vocabulary they need to talk about different locations with this set of Interactive Flashcards.

Improve students’ vocabulary with these new Interactive Flashcards. These materials are downloadable and very user-friendly. Follow this infographic with a step-by-step guide.

It is essential to download and save the files on your computer. Do not open the files in the browser. To ensure correct functionality, open the folder where the Interactive Flashcards are saved. Follow these steps:

  • Open the file: Each word is an individual flashcard and can be opened as an independent file. While several files can be opened simultaneously, depending on your hardware, this might take time.
  • Click on the image to see the word. Click on the image again to make the word disappear.
  • Activate sound: The Interactive Flashcards include spoken words. You can activate the sound by clicking on the Play button. This can be activated as many times as you may need.
  • Alternate interactivity: Word and sound can be activated and alternated as needed. You can make words appear and disappear after the sound and vice versa. Use these functions to vary practice.
  • Close and reuse: Close the file without saving changes. You can use these flashcards again.
  • Hidden Surprises: Some flashcards have a secret surprise; they move! This can help you motivate your students. Ask them to pay attention and find the hidden surprises.


Click link to download and view these files