Encourage your students to talk about their families with this engaging speaking activity.


1. Divide the class into pairs. Give out a worksheet to each pair.

2. Give students time to write the missing words and complete the questions.

3. Ask them to cut out each question and put them in a bag or hat.

4. Students will take turns drawing a card and asking the questions to their partners.

5. Remind students that they should answer with complete statements.

6. To make the activity more challenging, ask students to cut out the cards and ask the questions without writing the missing words in advance.


Answer key

Student A

Have you got any aunts?

Have you got a grandma?

Have you got any uncles?

Have you got any brothers or sisters?

Have you got two grandpas?

Have you got any pets?

How many cats have you got?

How many cousins have you got?

How many uncles have you got?


Student B

Have you got any cousins?

Have you got a sister?

Have you got any grandmas?

Have you got any nieces or nephews?

Have you got two brothers?

Have you got any pets?

How many dogs have you got?

How many siblings have you got?

How many aunts have you got?


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