A fun version of ‘Top Trumps’ to practise using 'How...' questions and vocabulary including animals, size, height, age, weight, body parts and measurements.

  • Level: Common European Framework (CEF) level A2, Pre-intermediate
  • Target Age: 6-12
  • Recommended class size: 2+
  • Time needed: 30-40 minutes
  • Subjects included: How? questions, animals, size, height, age, weight, body parts, measurements
  • Main skills: Reading, speaking
  • Procedure: Students have an equal number of cards each and hold them face up in a pile. One student asks the other(s) about the cards which are on the top of each students’ pile, e.g. How long is your animal? The student with the longest animal gets to keep all the cards. The game continues until one person has all the cards or has the most cards when a time limit is reached.


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