A bingo game that helps students name colours and express possession.

Photo of a bingo game.

Source: PhotoDisc/ Getty Images

  • Age: Primary (6–11)
  • Language aim: To name colours and express possession
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Student grouping: Individuals, whole class
  • Materials: Enough copies of the worksheet for each child to have a bingo grid – there are eight grids on the worksheet (cut out the grids along the dotted lines); small pieces of paper to cover the colours on the cards (eight per child); colour cards in six colours if you are doing Warmer Option 2
  • Language focus: Colours – blue, green, red, purple, black, white, yellow, pink, brown, orange; I’ve got …
  • Aim of the game: To be the first to cover all the colours on the bingo cards


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