A domino card game to help students talk about habit using the present simple.

Photo of a child doing everyday activities, e.g.:   getting ready for schoool in   the morning, catching the bus to school, etc.

Source: Blend Images - KidStock, Brand X Pictures

  • Age: Primary (6–11)
  • Language aim: To talk about habit using the present simple
  • Time: Approximately 15 minutes
  • Student grouping: Groups of three to five
  • Materials: One copy of worksheets 1 and 2 per group (cut up)
  • Language focus: He/She/They/It … read a newspaper, listen to the radio, eat meat for dinner, eat fish, like cheese, play the guitar, play basketball, watch television, live in a block of flats, live in a house, play football, eat sandwiches, do homework, go to bed, go to karate class, go to piano classes, drink cola, go swimming, play games, get up at 7 o’clock, do ballet, have a shower, play tennis, go dancing, listen to music, go to the library, go to the cinema; every day, on Sundays, every morning, every week, every evening
  • Aim of the game: To be the first player to lay down all the dominoes in your hand


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