Use this printable storybook to track what happens to The Magic Cat and his friends throughout the series.

Teacher’s notes

This activity can be used across the whole series of eight magic cat videos. It can be used as a revision exercise to consolidate students’ learning either at the end of each class, at the start of the following class, or after you have seen all eight videos.

The idea is for students to create a straightforward narrative showing what happens from when Tom and Jess first meet Puzzleberry (video 1: About me) to when they return home (video 8: Home sweet home).

On each page of the storybook, there is a box in which students can draw and colour a picture from each song and lines underneath for them to write a simple sentence describing what happened. Examples of sentences could be:

1. About me: Jess and Tom meet Puzzleberry.

2. Countries: Jess and Tom learn about countries.

3. Pizzaland: Tom loves pizza!

4. Daily routine: The children talk about their daily routines.

5. Colours: They all put the colours back.

6. I love my family: Jess and Tom miss their families.

7. How can we get back home?: They sing about travel.

8. Home sweet home: Jess and Tom go home.

Students could write one sentence from each song and draw a picture illustrating it as a simpler alternative to writing the summary sentences above.


Print out the booklet below. Fold each page down the dotted line in the centre and combine the pages to make a booklet. Ensure that the pages are in the correct order so that when the booklet is opened and the pages are turned, the numbers go from 1–8. Staple the booklet together in the centre.

Printing note: If you print out the inside pages double-sided, ensure that your printer settings are set to ’Flip on short edge’ (or similar) to ensure that it does not print out upside-down. 


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