Improve your students’ tech-language skills with these sound Technology game cards.

Students love playing games in their free time, be it video, mobile or tabletop games, but numerous studies have also shown the importance, and positive impact games can have on learning. Incorporating games in your classroom can help your learners develop a positive relationship with the language and English lessons. While working with games, the teacher’s role changes from an instructor to a guide. This helps you to reduce teacher talking time and make the students the centre of the lesson.

Try this game with your students using our Technology Game Cards!!!

Tech shop (all levels):

  • Ask students if they have visited a hardware store and what is sold there (tools). Ask them why they went to the tech shop and who they went with.
  • Have students work in groups of four. Get a set of Technology Cards for each group.
  • Ask students to split up the ‘image’ cards from the ‘word’ cards, shuffle each set, and divide evenly amongst the four students.
  • Students take turns “going to the hardware store” to find the word card that matches their image cards.
  • One of the students chooses an image card and pretends to be looking for that item in a hardware store by describing the item in the card to one of their classmates (B, C, or D) without saying what it is:
    • A to B:  [picks up ‘socket’ card] I’m looking for a thing you put on a wall to connect things. 
  • If that student has the matching word card, they should hand it over (Yes, we have a socket.); if they don’t, student A will have to wait for their turn to ask again. Then student B will get their turn to ask, and so on.
  • The first student to find a match for all of their cards wins.

When working with games, let loose your creativity to build a motivating environment in your classroom. Remember that emotions are an essential part of the learning process! Enjoy this material with your class, and let us know how you liked it!




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