Get your students to talk about their favourite toys & games with this set of Game Cards.

Students love playing games in their free time, be it video, mobile or tabletop games, but numerous studies have also shown the importance and positive impact games can have on learning. Incorporating games in your classroom can help your learners develop a positive relationship with the language and English lessons. While working with games, the teacher’s role changes from an instructor to a guide. This helps you to reduce teacher talking time and make the students the centre of the lesson.

Try this game with your students using our Toys & Games Cards

At The Toy Store

  • This is planned as a whole class activity, but if your class is too large, you can divide it into two smaller groups. 
  • If possible, open space for students to stand up and walk around.
  • Distribute image and word cards evenly among students, ensuring they don’t get the matching pair. All students should get the same number of word and image cards. Keep a card of each yourself so you can do a demo.
  • Students must walk around and try to find the toys in their word cards by asking their classmates for them. The only catch is that they can’t use the word itself! You can demo the dialogue with the cards you have.
    • Teacher to a student: Excuse me, I’m looking for a board game with red-and-black squares and tokens.
    • Student: I’m sorry, I don’t have any draughts.
  • The first student to find all the picture cards that match the word cards they have wins. You can also set a time limit or do the activity as a closer until the class ends.
  • Correct possible mistakes at the end, anonymously if possible (I heard someone say...) 

When working with games, let loose your creativity to build a motivating environment in your classroom. Remember that emotions are an essential part of the learning process! Enjoy this material with your class, and let us know how you liked it!


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