Use this communicative activity to get your students talking about diversity, equality, and inclusion.

How to play

  • Divide students into pairs.
  • Ask students to go over the questions and clarify any vocabulary or phrases they don’t know. Put them on the board.
  • Then, have students work in pairs to ask each other the questions. Remind them not to show the questions, so that this is strictly a speaking activity. Encourage students to ask follow-up questions to get their partner to share more details.
  • Have a whole class feecback and error correction.

 *Note: These can be seen as controversial topics. We suggest you revise these worksheets before your class. If you deem some of these questions inappropriate for your context, you can print these worksheets, cut the questions up and remove the problematic ones. Then, group students and have them pull a question, read it, and discuss.


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