Advice and teaching suggestions of how to overcome the confusion between 'make' and 'do.'

Exercise 2

Match the examples with the categories:

1. create or produce something
2. do or say something
3. cause something to happen
4. force somebody to do something
5. arrange something
6. earn/get money
7. give a total
8. cause something to succeed
9. have the right qualities
10. reach a place
11. achieve something


A. That film always makes me cry.
B. At this rate we won't make York before midnight.
C. I've made an appointment for you with the doctor for tomorrow morning.
D. They make paper from old rags.
E. Diane would make a good teacher – she's so patient.
F. The company made a small profit in its first year.
G. The minister will make a statement later today.
H. They made us work for 12 hours a day.
I. We've made our target of 10,000 sales this month.
J. Four and two make six.
K. It was the children's choir that really made the performance.

Key: 1D 2G 3A 4H 5C 6F 7J 8K 9E 10B 11I

Although there's a certain amount to be gained from an awareness of these general tendencies, there are also lots of uses of do and make that can probably only be acquired through being repeatedly encountered and noticed in listening and reading. But deliberate memorisation, as in the next exercise, can also help.