Activities, advice and reading and writing practice tests.

All extracts from the reading and writing sections of the IELTS exam are taken from the Macmillan education series, Ready for IELTS 2nd Edition.

ready for ielts



Materials for IELTS preparation classes are steadily becoming more available. However, not all teachers will have access to such resources and as a result all the following activities have been based upon the idea of using minimal resources and need nothing more than a teacher, students, a board and a bit of scrap paper.

Students often complain after an IELTS test that they simply didn’t know WHAT to speak or write about rather than HOW. Why? – because they didn’t know enough about the subject or couldn’t think of anything to say or write at the time. For this reason I often teach IELTS courses on a thematic basis incorporating the skills, language and exam strategies to pass IELTS. 


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