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A section wholly devoted to teaching English to pre-school and primary-school children. These pages are packed with ideas, games, lesson plans and other downloadable resources written by our experts with young learners in mind. You will find resources for listening, reading, writing and speaking as well as informative articles on young learner development.

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For more Young Learner resources, why not visit the brand-new Macmillan Young Learners website? You will find all your Macmillan pre-primary and primary courses here, for British and American English, and there are dedicated resource websites for each course which are packed with sample worksheets, audio and video for you to download and try in class.

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M Tunes song videos

Springtime! Springtime!

A song and interactive games on the topic of Spring.

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Science Museum Experiments

Experiments: Pay-me game

Students complete exercises on related vocabulary, sentence order and where to use the infinitive / gerund, and design a poster. Key vocabulary and practical teacher’s notes are included.

Experiments: Water purifier

In this experiment, pupils observe how dirty water can become clean using a few simple pieces of equipment. Students complete gap-fill exercises to practise related vocabulary and identify mistakes in a series of images relating to the experiment. Key vocabulary and practical teacher’s notes are included.

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Top Trumps: Baby animals

Baby animals is a cute, fun and friendly Top Trumps game with text adapted by Carol Read for primary and lower secondary children learning English. You can download the full pack of cards in our special cut-out-and-keep format now and take a look at FOUR accompanying lesson plans by Carol Read, designed to fully exploit the classroom and language potential of the cards.

Top Trumps for IWB

Top Trumps is much more than an exciting card game: teachers all over the world use Top Trumps to develop children’s numeracy and literacy. It’s packed with language learning opportunities for EFL or ESL students as children absorb the facts and figures on their cards and compare and contrast the categories. Once your young learners start playing Top Trumps, we guarantee they won’t be able to stop!

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Build up learners’ language skills and knowledge with Carol Read’s colourful resources

Amazing world of food

The Amazing world of food, by Carol Read, is a project for Young Learners designed to simultaneously build up learners’ language skills and knowledge of food. The project is divided into six lessons and leads to a final outcome of children creating a group e-zine/magazine with the title ‘Amazing world of food’.

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