Help your students practise asking for and giving directions with this set of grammar cards.

Going Sightseeing

Age: Teenagers / Adults

Level: Pre-Intermediate - Upper Intermediate

Target Structure: Prepositions & phrases to ask for directions

Duration: 10-20 minutes (depending on group size)

Materials: Talking About Locations & Directions Grammar Cards

  • Have students work in pairs for this activity. Each pair should have a set of cards and divide them up evenly.

  •    Go over the vocabulary in the cards, making sure students understand the meaning and pronunciation.
  • Have students ask each other how to get from their study center or home to a famous or popular place in ther location. They can use any preposition or phrase they want, but if they use one in the cards they have, they discard the it.

  • Students take turns asking each other questions until one of them gets rid of all of their cards. First person to do so, wins.
  • Students may use cards creatively in order to win the game: they can give the “tourist” a longer way to get to where they´re going if that means using more cards.

A:  Excuse me, can you tell me how I can get to (Angel de la Independencia) from here? 

B: Sure. Walk up Genova street to Paseo de la Reforma and turn left. Walk along for a couple of blocks and you’ll see the monument on your right, on top of the roundabout.





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