Help your students practise talking to and about people using different pronouns and personal titles.

Timed Grouping

Age: Teenagers / Adults

Level: Pre-Intermediate - Upper Intermediate

Target Structure: Description, general information; Indefinite pronouns; Actions in past (alternative)

Duration: 10-20 minutes (depending on group size)

Materials: Pronouns and Personal Titles for Talking About People Grammar Cards

  • Have students work in trios or small groups for this activity.

  • Each group should have a set of personal-pronoun cards (see chart below) inside a small bag or hat. (You can use also one set for the whole class and have groups/teams take turns.)

Subject PronounObject PronounPossesive PronounReflexive Pronoun
I me mine myself
you you yours yourself / yourselves
he him his himself
she her hers herself
it it   itself
we us ours ourselves
they* them theirs themselves
  • Teams are to arrange and group pronuns together (subject, object, possesive, and reflexive) to make them aware of the different uses there are. The team that does this in the least amount of time “wins”.

*When individuals whose gender is neither male nor female (e.g., nonbinary, agender, genderfluid, etc.) the singular they is often used. When doing this, use the plural form of the verb (i.e., “They are…” not “They is…”).

**The title of Master refers to a person who has achieved the highest level in a discipline (i.e., martial arts).




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